Love, Life, and the Art of Sewing


There definitely is an art to sewing as I’ve discovered over the last several months.  Having plunged myself into the craft and immersed myself amidst colorful threads and fabrics, I’ve found myself treading in a vast ocean of amazing possibilities.  Who knew that so many things could be created by one small machine?  Of course, I’m still a newbie so my prospects are fairly limited, but my vision and goals are not.  🙂  And so, I enjoying splashing around as I kick about new ideas, patterns, and projects.
And what a blast it’s been!  Well… apart from the many times I’ve ripped out foiled stitches and thrown out completely botched projects.  🙂  But beneath the bad experiences I’ve discovered a very wonderful silver lining – a renewed ambition and determination not to repeat my past mistakes and an insatiable desire to grow and learn. The accomplishment of seeing a finished product, in all it’s unique and not yet perfect glory, has been spectacular.
And so an idea was birthed and “sweetheart” was born, named for the four sweethearts in my life; my three children and husband.   🙂
The name “sweetheart” is fun-loving and whimsical in its definition.  It is an endearing expression of love and affection.  But for me it also represents an even deeper message.
I believe that above all things, the greatest gift we can give to another person is the gift of God’s love.  If only we could see each other as God sees us, as worth far more than rubies and as being more precious than jewels.  And yet, as I think that thought, I have a blossoming awareness of the irony behind His expression of love.  For the ruby droplets of blood that He shed for us are to us a living river of life and representative of the greatest love story of all times.   Afterall, greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.
Deep within your hallowed heart,
Beats blood of truest red.
Poured out for me, you gave your life,
Whispering words of love instead.

You won my heart with great aplomb,
Ransomed my very soul.
Repaired the very heart of me.
Jesus you made me whole.

3 Comments on “Love, Life, and the Art of Sewing

  1. Beautiful writing, and great message :). Did you write those verses at the end? Also, I love that the hat has a cute little dutch kid look too :).


  2. You did it! Awesome! Your hats are precious, beautiful and well made. Love your blog and your name. Yeah! It all came together!


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