Green Egg and Ham

Contrary to what you may be thinking, I’m not actually referring to Dr. Seuss, nor am I referring to food.  🙂 Instead, I am speaking of two very important sewing accessories in my home… my green egg and my ham. 

Green Egg

As a mother of three and a homeschooling mom, I’ve found that my time to sew is very limited. I’ve discovered stolen moments during homeschooling breaks and the occasional hour during my daughter’s afternoon nap.  A sewing nook tucked away in the corner of my kitchen has helped to facilitate these moments.  However, its placement has also attracted a lot of attention from my two year old, who thinks all “no’s” are “yes’s” and my sewing things are a free for all.   
My green egg has thus proven to be a lifesaver!  The highly magnetic, lime-green dome, attracts and contains many of my sewing needles and pins.  When I hover the egg over the floor and table, stray pins literally jump to its surface and stick.  This little contraption has prevented countless tears from subverted finger pricks and jabbed toes.   
My ham on the other hand, is a remarkable piece of art.  The small, compact, and very “ham” like object is in fact, a wonderful and strange-looking ironing board.  Useful for ironing many rounded items, it has become an essential piece of equipment for my hat making enterprises. 
Which brings me to my latest endeavor.  This blue corduroy hat took many hours to make, with several reworkings along the way.  I tried a few new techniques (thank-you Marsha – they worked!!!) and noticed a few more things that need to change for future hats.  Several more tweeks and hopefully, my hat pattern will be completed.

In the meantime, I’m dreaming of new variations for this hat.  I’ve a couple exciting ideas, which may end up looking better in my head than on it.  LOL.  But that remains to be seen.  Lots of love, Janna.

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