Spring Blossom Applique

I am SOOO excited!  My husband’s mathematical figurings paid off.  The body of this hat is so much more streamlined than all my previous hats.  I love having a GENIUS in the family.  Yay Bruce! 🙂 
This little hat reminds me of spring, new life, and all things wonderful.  The colors are fabulous and vibrant.  With a redesigned body, a tweeked brim, and a fantastic appliqued flower, it explodes with whimsy.  
Considering that this is the first time I’ve appliqued anything I think it turned out  pretty well  Practice will make it perfect… right?  LOL. Well, It’s time for me to go to bed.  I’m up WAY to late.  Sweet slumber everyone, Janna.

One Comment on “Spring Blossom Applique

  1. I love your hats, and your blog is so sweet!!! Very cool Janna! Can't wait to get my hat!!!


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