My Birthday Quilt 2011

For my birthday this year, I received a beautiful quilt from my mother-in-law, Marsha who had been sewing on the sly for quite some time.  Although not quite finished, it is eye-catching and glamorous. I love it!  
My children will love this particular design because hidden amidst the fabric are letters, numbers, and many interesting pictures.  Eye-spy and seek & find are two of their favorite past-times.  It will entertain them for hours, for sure, especially if we bring it along camping.
The story of this quilt is even more fun. Marsha was gifted this fabric from Diane, one of her close friends. Diane is incredibly gifted at sewing and also makes beautiful quilts.  In fact, she made me a lovely quilt when my daughter Chloe was born.  It still has a place of honor in her bedroom today. 

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