Fabric Heaven!

Have you ever had one of those days when you were completely and absolutely blessed by someone?   How about “over-the-top” blessed?  Today I had one of those days.  🙂  Thank-you Diane Broekhuis for  blessing me with mounds of beautiful fabric.  WOW!!!  I am completely overwhelmed  by your generosity and your kind heart.

Janna Vanderveen © 2012

YAY!!! Look at all these amazing colors and patterns.  They are lovely, vibrant, and so much fun!

Janna Vanderveen © 2012

Have I mentioned that I am in fabric heaven!  🙂  I love All of these!  Oh… and did I mentions, there’s even more…

Janna Vanderveen © 2012

Gorgeous.  I love to run my fingers through my fabric stash.  I am envisioning so many wonderful things to make.

Thank-you again, Diane!  You’ve blessed me greatly.

Lots of love, Janna.

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