Welcome Baby Girl!


Um… no… not a human baby… but a beautiful and precious little Maltese girl.  YAY!

Born May 5, 2012  she is one day old.

My husband picked out her first gift, which I wrapped for our children.  When they unwrapped it, they were at first very confused, wondering why we would give them a pink squeaky toy.  Their next question was, “Who is this for?”  The “aha” moment came only a few moments later when we showed them a picture.  Needless to say, they were THRILLED.

So now we wait.  Fortunately, Holly from Pets-at-Play has a webcam set up that shows the mother and her pups live (for 14 hours everyday).  WOW!  Have I mentioned that we are pampered? I LOVE IT!   Bruce hooked the live feed up to our television  – don’t ask me how – so we are watching it live all day.  The kids are intrigued, amused, and excited all at the same time. As am I.

I am in love!

When we can all agree on a name, I will post an update.

2 Comments on “Welcome Baby Girl!

  1. Thank-you! We are looking forward to her arrival when she is a little bigger. 🙂


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