Midnight Musings

It’s after midnight.  My house is silent except for the gusting wind and the occasional pitter-patter of rain against my bedroom window. My mind whirls with thoughts brought on by a day of unbalance.  At first I feel guilt, a familiar go-to emotion, but then I’m struck by a simple thought.

What if my main focus each day became showing love to each person I encountered.  What if each chore that previously irritated ne became an open expression of love.  What if instead of relying on my own strength to accomplish my goals, I trusted in the strength of a Divine God to complete a good work within and through  me. What if I cast all my crazy aside and believed that God, as the author and finisher of my faith, would actually write my story with a grand finish, beyond what I could accomplish on my own.  What if through this all, I discovered a hidden set of God’s gifts that I’d otherwise been too blind to see?

Joy. My heart leaps with it.

So I will ponder on these things more as I drift off to sleep.

My prayer tonight is simple.

Father,  Change the way I think.  Transform my mind.  Show me who you are. Fill me with your love, to  overflowing, that everyone I encounter would leave  touched by your very essence.  Let my cup never run dry.  May all that I do be an expression of who you are. In Jesus name, Amen

2 Comments on “Midnight Musings

  1. Woo hoo! Sooooooo good! What if He became to me everything He said He is? What if he is so much more personal and so much more entwined in the very fabric of my being than I’d ever dared to hope? (Oh-you turned on my faucet) Awesome!


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