Girl in Winter

I have been procrastinating from writing my Writer’s Journey outline for book number 2 in my Eden’s Gate series.  It’s an enormous mental task which requires both brain power and uninterrupted time. Lacking both, I’ve thrown myself into another creative outlet – watercolor painting – in the hopes that someday I’ll be able to use the skill to illustrate my own children’s books.  Here is my watercolor attempt #6.

Watercolor painting of Girl with Bunny(Click on image for full-resolution image)

4 Comments on “Girl in Winter

  1. Thanks Zane! I’m just starting out. 🙂 I’d love to see what you can do as well. You’ll have to post some of your paintings on your blog soon.


  2. I LOVE your watercolors. I’m so jealous. I have not painted in so many decades, but bought the materials to try it again. Your work is just perfect for illustrating your book as it is. Your style has an almost Japanese flavor to it, the eyes give me that feeling. Really great painting.


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