Ted Dekker: Water Walker

Kathryn leaned close until her lips were next to Eden’s ear. “Your beauty is taken from you, Eden. You have whored yourself out to sin and you will be a vile thing in my sight until you repent. You will not be my angel because you cannot be. You will be my demon, a twisted thorn in my flesh sent to torment me until the day you turn from your sin.” ~ Ted Dekker, Water Walker

Wow! This quote is LOADED. Whether it is read from the perspective of an abusive mother (Kathryn) to her daughter (Eden) or from the perspective of an angry God to his creation (man, the world–Eden, and his angels), it showcases a distorted image of God’s love that is filled with abuse, disgust, and hatred. Ted Dekker rips apart the lies that fuel spiritual abuse and exposes the faulty logic used to sustain them. And after walking us through the gamut of emotions that surround these beliefs, he brings us out the other side, to see a true picture of God’s goodness and his perfect love.

If you are interested in reading this book, click on the image below. But be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart.

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