Watercolor Mishap: Line and Wash

This is what happened when I tried a new brand of watercolor paper (ProArt 140# Watercolor 6″x12″)….

1. The paper sloughed off when I ran my paintbrush over the center of the water-soaked picture.
2, The colors didn’t bleed together as they should have in a wash (the paper was soaked) and left streaks everywhere.
3. Any attempt to spread the streaks around resulted in torn paper.
4. The paper itself took over 5 hours to dry, seeping color through the back, which made both wet in wet painting and layering paint over dry color a nightmare.
5. Because the paper soaked up so much water, it warped pretty badly, even though it was taped.

Having said all that, I did have fun following Joanne Thomas’s line and wash tutorial.

Line and Wash Watercolor Painting

(Click on thumbnail for full-resolution image)

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