$50.00 Amazon Gift card Giveaway

UPDATE: AMY O’NEAL is the winner!!! Congratulations. Stay tuned for more giveaways in the future.

I have an AGENT!!! It is official. I’ve signed a contract with Credo Communications, who will represent me to publishing companies. My agent has asked me to create an email list for sharing book release information. This list will be used very infrequently, only when I have important book-related news. If you would like to enter a drawing to receive a $50.00 gift card, please follow my blog via email (the widget for this is found on the left hand side of my WordPress home page). Or you can like my Facebook page  and message me directly with your name and e-mail address (www.facebook.com/authorjannavanderveen). I will pick the winner, at random, next Sunday (2/8/2015) at 8:00 PM. Thank you for your support! Please share to spread the word. You can also visit my author profile on Credo’s page by going to: http://www.credocommunications.net/authors/profile/?who=Janna+Vanderveen


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