Fictionistas Bookclub

Welcome to the “Fictionistas Book club!”

 Birthed in 2008, our group has read over 100+ books and has made the best of  friendships.

We analyze each work of fiction through the eyes of our life experiences and Christian faith, with loads of wit, and gales of laughter. Over coffee and baked goods, our fellowship is a delight. Each woman who belongs to this group is intelligent, kind-hearted, and full of charm.


I LOVE book club!!!

If interested, please feel welcome to become an honorary on-line group member and follow along by reading our book selections below.

Book-Club List for 2017:

  • JANUARY: Jamie Ford: The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, Kathy
  • FEBRUARY: Ann Weisgarber: The Personal History of Rachel Dupree, Katie
  • MARCH: Stephanie Meyer: The host, Catie
  • APRIL: Charles Martin: Life Intercepted, Holly

Book-Club List for 2016:

  • JANUARY: Robin Mckinley: The Outlaws of Sherwood, Kathy
  • FEBRUARY: Randy Alcorn: Dominion, Keri
  • MARCH: Ted Dekker: AD 30, Nikki
  • APRIL: Julie Klassen: Lady Maybe, Debi
  • MAY: LYNN AUSTIN @ Grandville United Methodist
  • JUNE: Harper Lee: Go Set a Watchman, Holly
  • JULY:  Jocelyn Green: Yankee in Atlanta ,Catie
  • SEPTEMBER: Marisa de los Santos: Love Walked In, Katie
  • OCTOBER: Rachelle Dekker: The Choosing, Sandie
  • NOVEMBER: Paulo Coelho: The Alchemist, Kirsti
  • DECEMBER: Terri Blackstock: If I Run, Julianne & Janna

Book-Club List for 2015:

  • JANUARY: Irene Hannon: Trapped, Nikki
  • FEBRUARY: Ginny L. Yttrup: Words,  Diane
  • MARCH: Ted Dekker: Water Walker, Debi
  • APRIL: Tosca Lee: Sheba, Kathy
  • MAY: Sue Monk Kid: Invention of Wings, Holly
  • JUNE: Francine Rivers: Bridge to Haven, Nicole
  • JULY: Sarah E. Morin: Waking Beauty, Janna
  • AUGUST: Jill Eileen Smith: Michal, Keri
  • SEPTEMBER: Sharon Garlough Brown: Sensible Shoes, Catie
  • OCTOBER: Charles Martin: Water from my Heart, Katie
  • NOVEMBER: Jim Fergus: 100 White Women, Kirsti
  • DECEMBER: Richard Paul Evans: The Mistletoe Promise, Sandie

Book-Club List for 2014

  • JANUARY:  Ted Dekker: Outlaw, Debi
  • FEBRUARY: Julie Kibler: Calling Me Home, Holly
  • APRIL: Donna Vanliere: The Good Dream, Katie
  • MAY:  Gina Holmes: Wings of Glass, Kathy
  • JUNE: Tracy Groot: The Sentinels of Andersonville, Catie
  • JULY: Julie Klassen: The Dancing Master, Janna
  • AUGUST: Tosca Lee: Demon, Sandy
  • SEPTEMBER: Lynn Austin: Return to Me, Keri
  • OCTOBER:  Charles Martin: Wrapped in Rain, Nicole
  • NOVEMBER: Gail Fraser: Lumby Lines, Kirsti
  • DECEMBER: Diane T. Ashley etc…: A Biltmore Christmas, GROUP

Book-Club List for 2013

  • JANUARY: Lynn Austin: All Things New, Keri
  • FEBRUARY: Jonathan Cahn: The Harbinger, Kirsti
  • MARCH: Nicolas Sparks: Safe Haven, Katie
  • APRIL:  Ted Dekker: Sanctuary, Catie
  • MAY: Sarah Fine: Sanctum, Sandie
  • JUNE: Tosca Lee: Iscariot, Janna
  • JULY:  Erin Healy: House of Mercy, Renee
  • AUGUST: Charles Martin: Unwritten, Debi
  • SEPTEMBER: Cathy Gohlke: William is a Fine Name, Emily
  • OCTOBER: Tracy Groot: Flame of Resistance, Holly
  • NOVEMBER: Randy Alcorn: Safely Home, Abby
  • DECEMBER: The Frontiersman’s Daughter, Kathy

Book-Club List for 2012

  • JANUARY: Nicholas Spark: The Wedding (Christian Romance) Debi
  • FEBRUARY: Tracy Groot: The Brother’s Keeper (Historical/Biblical) Kathy
  • MARCH: Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee: Forbidden (Suspense) Janna
  • APRIL: Frank Peretti: Illusions (Science Fiction) Sandy
  • MAY: Linda Schaab: Mind over Madi (Women’s) Catie
  • JUNE: Bodie Thoene:Vienne Prelude (Historical) Kirsti
  • JULY: Laura Hillenbrand Unbroken (Autobiography) Emily
  • AUGUST: Rachel Hauck: The Wedding Dress (Historical Romance) Renee
  • SEPTEMBER:  Charles Martin: Thunder and Rain (Christian) Becca
  • OCTOBER: Lisa Wingate: Word Gets Around (Christian Romance) Holly
  • NOVEMBER: Cathy Gohlke: Band of Sister’s (Historical Fiction) Abby
  • DECEMBER: Susan May Warren: The Great Christmas Bowl (Christmas) Katie

Book-Club List for 2011

  • JANUARY: Paul Headworth: Fallen Prayer (Mystery) Kirsti
  • FEBRUARY: Laura Frantz: Courting Morrow Little (Historical Romance) Renee
  • MARCH: Randy Alcorn: Deadline (Murder Mystery) Susie
  • APRIL: Corrie Ten Boom: The Hiding Place (Autobiographical) Keri
  • MAY: Gina Holmes: Crossing Oceans (Christian Fiction) Sandie
  • JUNE: Lynn Austin: Gods and Kings (Biblical Fiction) Debi
  • JULY: Stephen Lawhead: The Paradise War (Science Fiction) Janna
  • AUGUST: Julie Lessman: A Hope Undaunted (Historical Romance) Catie
  • SEPTEMBER: Kacy Barnett-Gramckow: Heavens Before (Biblical) Kathy
  • OCTOBER: Ted Dekker: The Priest’s Graveyard (Thriller) Becca
  • NOVEMBER: John Grisham: The Testament (Suspense) Holly
  • DECEMBER: Margaret Daley: A Daughter for Christmas (Christmas) Group Choice

Book-Club List for 2010

  • JANUARY: Karen Hancock: The Enclave (Thriller) Samantha
  • FEBRUARY: Lynn Austin: Hidden Places (Historical Fiction) Keri
  • MARCH: Hannah Hunard: Hinds Feet on High Places (Allegory) Kathy
  • APRIL: Sharon Dunn: Death of a Garage Sale Newbie (Mystery) Kirsti
  • MAY: Francine Rivers: Her Mother’s Hope (Family Generations) Holly
  • JUNE: Anita Diamant: The Red Tent (Women’s Fiction) Susie
  • JULY: Ted Dekker: The Bride Collector (Suspense) Janna
  • AUGUST: Conlon Brown: The Firstborn (Thriller) Sandy
  • SEPTEMBER: Kathryn Stockett: The Help (Women’s Fiction) Dee
  • OCTOBER: Anne Elisabeth Stengle: Heartless (Fantasy) Catie
  • NOVEMBER: Kathryn Cushman: Leaving Yesterday (Women’s Fiction) Debi
  • DECEMBER: Randy Singer: The Judge Who Stole Christmas (Chrismas Fiction) Susie

Book-Club List for 2009

  • JANUARY: Joel C. Rosenberg: Dead Heat (Thriller) Debi
  • FEBRUARY: Anne Rice: Christ the Lord out of Egypt(Historical) Kathy
  • MARCH: Charles Martin: Catching Fireflies (Drama) Holly
  • APRIL: Siri Mitchell: Constant Heart (Historical Romance) Susie
  • MAY: Karen Kingsbury: Like Dandelion Dust (Friendship/Relationships) Keri
  • JUNE: Francine Rivers: The Scarlett Thread (Love and Relationships) Becca
  • JULY: Ted Dekker & Erin Healy: Kiss (Suspense) Janna
  • AUGUST: Charles Martin: When Crickets Cry (Drama) Jenn
  • SEPTEMBER: Francine Rivers: A Voice in the Wind (Historical) Kirsti
  • OCTOBER: Cindy Martinusen: Orchid House (Suspense) Renee
  • NOVEMBER: Tracy Groot: Madman (Historical Fiction) Debi
  • DECEMBER: Richard Paul Evans: The Christmas List (Christmas) Janna

Book-Club List for 2008:

  • JANUARY: Jan Karon: Home To Holly Springs (Community) Janna/Debi
  • FEBRUARY: Nancy Moser: Just Jane (Biographical) Holly
  • MARCH: Angela Hunt: Uncharted (Suspense) Jenn
  • APRIL: Madeleine L’Engle: A Wrinkle in Time (Fantasy) Kathy
  • MAY: Ted Dekker: Adam ( Psychological Thriller) Kathy
  • JUNE: Cathy Marie Hake: Forevermore (Romance) Keri
  • JULY: Robin Jones Gunn: Sisterchicks Go Brit (Women/Relationships) Debi
  • AUGUST: Robert Liparulo: Germ (Medical Thriller) Janna
  • SEPTEMBER: William P. Young: The Shack (Mystery) Becca
  • OCTOBER: Randy Singer: Self Incrimination (Legal Thriller) Annie
  • NOVEMBER: C. S. Lewis: Out of the Silent Planet (Science Fiction) Kirsti
  • DECEMBER: Glenn Beck: The Christmas Sweater (Christmas) Janna/Debi

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