There is something about reading and writing science fiction and fantasy literature which stirs my heart to worship. I am repeatedly drawn into magnificent worlds of wonder inhabited by heroes and heroines who conquer their fears as they overcome great obstacles in their search for both love and restoration. Full of rich history and complex struggles, the characters wade through life, seeking salvation from the tyrants who terrorize and destroy their land. They seek absolution from their own… Read More

Penelope Bloom is a four-year-old detective ballerina.  She is an adorable, rough and tumble, curious, and strong-willed child who loves to wear tutu’s and princess dress-up clothes while solving mysteries with her friends. She is not a “princess” like you’d imagine the perfect child, but utterly loveable in all her less than perfect ways. Tricia Bos ( illustrator)  and I are working to develop a series of children’s books based on this beloved character. To learn… Read More

I am currently working on a novel. It is a futuristic mystery-suspense thriller.