He’s coming. Awake, awake O sleeper He’s coming. He’s alive. Jesus of Nazareth. The Son of David. The slain lamb. He was born to be a king. He’s alive. The Jewish Man. He’s alive. Prepare the way. People get ready. Surely He is not a man that He should lie. He said He would come again. He will come again. People get ready. Some said a carpenter. Some said a teacher. Some… Read More

I love the song, All You’ve Done, by Brad & Rebekah. It inspires me to write. This is Monday’s Muse. ALL YOU’VE DONE by Brad & Rebekah We stand amazed in awe of You All of Your ways proclaim the truth Only You alone can save us Only by the blood of Jesus We stand amazed in awe of You In awe of You Thank You for all You’ve done Come on lift your hands… Read More

I love this song by Henry Seeley! “God I know that your love is real. You’re lighting up the sky like the setting sun.  You’re breaking through the night.  I can see your glory shine. I’m calling on your name God, You know that I need more. Cause only your love can find a way.”

Every once in a while I hear a song that resonates deep within my heart, within the very depths of my spirit.  This song did just that – and it stayed with me all day urging me to contemplate, once again, God’s amazing goodness and compassion.  In an interview regarding this song, Jenn Johnson shared that she wrote this song when reflecting upon the many tragedies that plagued our world over the last year.  Where fear abounded within the… Read More