Contrary to what you may be thinking, I’m not actually referring to Dr. Seuss, nor am I referring to food.  🙂 Instead, I am speaking of two very important sewing accessories in my home… my green egg and my ham.   Green Egg  As a mother of three and a homeschooling mom, I’ve found that my time to sew is very limited. I’ve discovered stolen moments during homeschooling breaks and the occasional hour during my daughter’s afternoon nap.  A sewing nook tucked… Read More

Today I spent a long day organizing and planning for our neighborhood garage sale.  The garage is full, our basement is a little less full, and my feet are sore.  LOL.  All I have left to do is price EVERYTHING!  There’s only one day left before the big event – but I’ll get everything done.  🙂  As I cleaned house, I found myself contemplating the reality of how one person’s hand-me-overs can be another person’s treasure. Since I… Read More