About Me

Hi, my name is Janna. I am a wife, mother, counselor, artist, and writer. I love the charming, the authentic, and the Divine. I love life, family and friends. I delight in exploring our amazing creation and in discovering the hidden beauty buried deep within the heart of all people and within this world. I love life-giving conversations, life-altering revelations, and emotional connections. I love to read, write, and create.

I was born in Ontario, Canada and devoured books as a child, especially suspense mysteries and science fiction/fantasy. I had wild, white blonde hair and a great imagination (See first picture above). In my heart, I believed I’d someday write a book of my own and faithfully carried a journal around to document my thoughts and crazy ideas.

In high school, I rocked headgear and awesome 80’s and early 90’s fashion (2nd picture in slide show above).  My dream to pen a fantasy novel exploded, waylaid only by my desire to write music.  For a while I put aside my novel to concentrate on music.  I grew older and listened to the advice of those around me who directed me to a “safer” career. I decided to become a journalist. This choice didn’t last long. At Calvin College, I discovered how much I deplored factual writing and how much I enjoyed unraveling the human mind. I changed my major from English to Social Work and earned a Bachelor’s degree.

My curiosity did not end upon graduation, if anything it was peaked. I desired a deeper understanding of the human psyche. Attending Western Michigan University, I earned a second degree, a Master’s in Social Work with a specialty in school social work and another in marriage and family therapy.

I married my husband, worked as a counselor for Bethany Christian Services, birthed two children, worked as a therapist for Family Outreach Center, delivered a third, then decided to put my career on hold and become a stay-at-home Mom. For two years, I homeschooled. During this time, I picked up sewing as a hobby before deciding to throw myself back into the one dream I’d carried with me throughout my entire life, that of writing a book. 

Today, I’m penning a futuristic mystery-suspense novel, the first in a series of four. I’m also developing two children’s books. The first is based on a loveable character named Penelope Bloom.  I’ve partnered with my sister, illustrator Tricia Bos, who worked for Pipeline Studio in Canada as a professional animator. We blog about this experience at www.penelopebloom.com. The second book explores the use of healthy communication skills through the interaction of four animal friends. Finally, I enjoy telling stories through artwork and poetry, in the hopes of discerning, awakening, and inspiring truth in myself and others. 

I currently work as a licensed clinical therapist where I help many individuals, couples, and families address communication concerns, depression and anxiety, trauma and abuse, parenting and family difficulties, grief and loss, and work-life balance issues. 

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