Rose Garden

Acrylic Mixed Media Painting | Rose Garden

Flama and the Secret Garden3

As I was placing the final details on this painting, I had tears leaking down my cheeks. I’d been listening to a song on repeat for several hours and its words touched my heart, awakening a new vision of love in a powerful way.

“No lie, no fear, no tragedy, could keep you from loving me. From the mountain, to the earth below, your mercy won’t let me go. How great, how great, is your love for me. You call me free. I am yours, and you are mine.” (You Won For Me by Ken Reynolds, Jared Gregory, and Jasmine Hurtado).

And so in the garden I dwell, amidst the beauty of your creation I dance, beneath the lush covering of your grace and mercy I play, for I am yours and you are mine. Thank you for awakening me to your love.

This 16″x20″ painting was completed using Golden Acrylic paint, FW acrylic inks, Caran D’ache Neocolor II and Luminance Pencils, Ephemera, and Alcohol Inks

My mission is to discern, awaken, and inspire truth in myself and others. May my tongue be the pen of a skillful writer, my pen be the tongue of a masterful orator, and my words be apples of gold in settings of silver.” ~ Janna

Eden’s Promise

Janna Vanderveen Art


Golden light grows

In this secret garden green,

With verdant blossoming flowers

Dripping lush nectar sweet.

Tantalizing magic is its song,

A kiss upon my ear,

Ardent stardust on its tongue,

Brilliant love its heartbeat.

I etched the words of this poem, in layers, throughout the painting.  I find myself staring at it throughout the day, captivated by the message of love it represents. Canvas Size 36”x36”.

Watercolor Painting | Green-haired Beauty:

“Knock, and he will open the door. Vanish, and he will make you shine like the sun. Fall, and he will raise you to the heavens. Become nothing, and he will turn you into everything.” ~ Rumi.

I completed this 8 x 10 painting using Daniel Smith and Winsor Newton Professional Watercolor Paints and Luminance Pencils by Caran D’ache.

Painting inspired by a photo taken of a ball-jointed doll created by artist Alisa Filippova

Pretty Posies

Watercolor Painting | Pretty Posies

Pretty Posies

Mankind is like a garden of blossoming wild flowers, beautiful as a whole, yet stunning with its unique parts and individual differences. May we continually see the beauty created by our differences and love with open arms. My watercolor study of Danielle Donaldson’s art.


Mixed Media | Hallowed Night


When the rocks cry out
And animals sing
They boast of love
And peaceful things.

Each hallowed night
With reverent tone
They linger in the embrace
Of their Holy Unknown.

Hallowed Night Bunny

This 16″ x 20″ painting was completed using Golden acrylics, FW inks, a variety of ephemera, chalk pastels, Derwent Inktense pencils, Caran D’ache watercolor crayons, and Luminance Pencils.

Mixed Media Painting | Blossoms of Light


Kindness intoxicates, its aroma smelling of unconditional love while its beauty rivals the most verdant of blossoming flowers. May we choose today to be intentional in our thoughts and actions as we live out lives of kindness.

Lilacs and Roses

Acrylic Mixed Media Painting | Lilacs and Roses

Purple Flower Girl4lightResizedYou flourish beneath my wings and your beauty shines. I call you my greatest treasure and I name you wonderful, for you are my beloved and your worth knows no bounds.

This 16″x20″ painting was completed using Golden Acrylic paint, FW acrylic inks, Caran D’ache Neocolor II and Luminance Pencils, Derwent Inks, Tombow Markers, Ephemera, and Alcohol Inks.


Star Walker

Mixed Media Painting | Star Walker

We are star walker’s, each and every one of us, wading through light and darkness, while awakening to goodness and love. In the darkness we feel alone, yet God entered our darkness so we would never be alone, and thus darkness is but an illusion. In the light, we see the truth of God’s goodness and we no longer fear the shadows, for we see that they also are illusions which dissipate in the presence of God’s goodness and love.

This 16″ by 20″ mixed media painting was completed using FW Daler Rowney Inks, acrylic paints, ephemera, Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks, Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens, Neocolor 2 Watercolor Crayons, and a variety of other mixed-media art supplies.

Special thanks to #LalyMille for the instruction on how to paint this piece. It is from Lesson 6 (Star Catcher) of her course Layers of Light.

French Roses

Mixed Media Painting | French Roses

There are moments when I layer prose into my paintings. Amidst the layers of ephemera, inks, watercolors, and acrylics, I nestle words of encouragement, whispers of hope, and expressions of gratitude. I like the idea of hiding within each piece of art, a secret letter of love, that maybe some will see and others will feel. I scrawl my thoughts in French, since it’s considered the language of love and it’s appearance is beautiful. “I am thankful for family who is generous with love and compassionate in heart. I am grateful for friends who are loyal, who forgive easily, and who never leave. I pray good blessing will fall upon all, gifts will emerge within, and love will embrace you in its wings.”

Acrylic Painting | Mystery at Midnight

I followed a YouTube tutorial by Lucy Brydon, a Gel Printing master, to create this abstract-type, midnight landscape. It consists of many different layers of transparent colors. I used golden open paints, a Gelli plate, brayer, and Posca pens.

Mixed Media Painting | Penelope Bloom's Ballerina Bunny

Penelope Bloom has been on my mind again, along with her beloved toy bunny, reminding me of the purity and innocence of childhood. For a brief moment, I saw a Penelope Bloom bunny come to life, dancing in the light of the moon, free of everything that would weigh her down as she moved without constraints. Perhaps someday we will do the same.

I painted this on a 16 x 20 inch canvas using Daler Rowney Acrylic Inks, Stabilo Pencils, Golden Acrylic Heavy Body and Open paints, Ephemera, Pan Pastels, Oil Pastels, and Winsor Newton Artist Oil bars.


Girl at Dusk

Mixed Media Painting | Girl at Dusk

I recently completed an Ivy Newport class on abstract painting, which I loved!!! There I learned a whole new way of expression through art. I am drawn to the mystery of it all, with its implied stories and unique interpretations.

In this mixed media painting, I first used charcoal, inks, ephemera, Inktense pencils, acrylics, and then Procreate. #GirlatDusk #IvyNewport #AcrylicPainting #CreateWonder


Bokeh Girl

Mixed Media Painting | Bokeh Girl

I almost…almost threw away this painting. It’s ugly stage lasted way too long, and I thought it was not salvageable, especially since I was trying out some new art supplies to go along with an art course, She blooms in Ink, by Tamara Laporte. Refusing to give in, I doggedly persisted. I have to admit, I like how she finally turned out.

For this painting, I used Tombow watercolor markers, Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers, Dylusions Inks, Tim Holtz Distress Stains, Daler Rowney Artists Ink, Caran d’ache pencil crayons and watercolor crayons, Faber Castell Gelatos, acrylics, and ephemera.

My hope for you all this year is this: May your days would be filled with vibrant color, freely given love, and unending compassion!


Fancy Lassie

Watercolor Painting | Impressionistic Girl

I recently completed a Fancy Lassies art class by Kate Thompson. This is my first attempt at painting a fancy lassies whimsical girl. It was fun to lay down paint in an impressionistic style.


Fluffy Puppy 2

Mixed Media Painting | Fluffy Puppy 2

My daughter and I tackled another mixed media painting together, after she asked me to paint her a second puppy portrait to place on her bedroom wall. She drew this image over top of a mixed media, ephemera-rich background. I used inks, Caran C’ache Neocolor 2 crayons, golden acrylic paints, Winsor Newton Oil Bars, oil pastels, Posca Pens, Gelatos, and a Stabillo pencil to complete this look.  We both like how she turned out. Fluffy Puppy 2

Fluffy Puppy

Mixed Media Painting | Fluffy Puppy

My daughter and I collaborated on this painting. She drew the puppy which I then painted using inks, acrylics, gelatos, neocolor 2’s, oil pastels, and oil paints. Her excitement as she watched it come to life was contagious. We will have to do it again.

Winter Dweller

 I cannot begin to tell you how much fun it is to paint freely and forget all the rules.  This abstract painting was inspired by Juliette Crane’s, “Wild and Free” course. It makes me think of winter, traveling, and the colors of Christmas. 

Mixed Media | When Starlight Dances

When starlight dances,
It bequeaths pure light,
Empowering fireflies,
And princesses alike.

It whispers of magic,
It resonates might,
It sings in the darkness,
And transforms the night.



Mixed Media Painting | Wanderer

This painting captivates me. I find myself contemplating the untold story within its layers, only to grapple with the feelings it evokes, ones of sadness, intrigue, and wonder. The forest looms, yet is beautiful. The princess appears to be lost and alone, yet is accompanied by her faithful friend (the bunny). Her bunny seems trapped, unless it climbed onto the branch to nestle in the crook of the tree’s arms, to better appreciate the lush wilderness of its surroundings. Layers. This painting itself took many layers over several weeks to create, starting with acrylics on paper, and ending with fingerprinting in procreate.

Camping at Dusk

Acrylic Painting | Camping at Dusk

I tried my hand at creating something a little different this week, compared to my usual splashy, color-filled paintings. Having recently learned some new skills from the great Lucy Brydon, a master Gelli print artist, I decided to experiment with my supplies to create an image which has been floating around in my mind. Using muted tones, I created a landscape scene using a Gelli plate and open acrylic paints. Drawing into the background after it dried, I added additional details using a variety of acrylic paints, Posca pens, Derwent Inktense Pencils,  Caran D’Ache Luminance pencils and neocolor 2 crayons. It may look somewhat simple, but it was fun.

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