Watercolor and Gouache Painting | Hope

Hope dwells in this garden
Where all are welcome
And none are denied.
Its inhabitants bask
In the wonder of every fulfilled hope
As they remember from where they came.

Their jubilant songs of gratitude
Infuse the air
Like the sweetest incense,
As they revel in the truth
That all are restored
Just as was promised.

For having stormed the gates of hell,
Their healer took back the keys
And saved all,
Proving with finality
That not even the grave nor hell
Could separate them from his love.

And so…

The emotionally wounded
Have been made whole,
The physically broken
Have been restored,
And those whose minds have been imprisoned
Have been set free.

The refining lake of fire,
Which is the Savior’s all-consuming grace
And unconditional love,
Fuels all of life as living water,
Burnishing away the darkness that tarnishes
In tongues of fire that reveal gold.

In this garden,
The good news is truly good news,
For no one mourns,
Families are reunited,
Lives are restored and all belong
As death and sin are no more.

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