Watercolor Painting | Comfort

I tried something a little different over the last two weeks – tried to do a messy type of watercolor painting, with more intuitive painting and expressive strokes. It was hard to step back and let loose. I almost threw the painting away, a place I find myself frequently, but I embraced the mess, entered the chaos, and found beauty within. It helped to spur the thoughts of the poem below….

When pain and sorrow distort
And life twists out of focus
When the ground upheaves and splits
Spewing water like lava
From the leaking eyes
Of the afflicted,
She will fling wide her arms
And opens her mouth in song
To consume the saturated air.
She drinks deeply,
Denying herself all relief
From the bitter tears
And pooling sadness
Which drowns.
For she knows
That it is in understanding anguish
And in comprehending torment
That trust will grow
And compassion will take root.
For her light
Which shines brightest in darkness
Will illuminate and restore
All that is forgotten
Transforming neutral shadows
Into vibrant hues of color
And withered dreams
Into blossoms of life. 

~ Janna Vanderveen

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