Meet Violet Dahlia Princess, pixie, fairy, sprite, or heroine… I haven’t decided yet. I had a tremendous amount of fun sewing this whimsical character, with her purple hair and big eyes. I could definitely see her in a children’s book.  As of now, my daughter holds the key to her magical world. She even convinced me to add eyelashes. You can find this sewing pattern on Etsy at Fancy Dolls.

Penelope Bloom dressed up as her favorite bunny for Halloween. Cute or creepy. You tell me.  Handmade by Sweetheart by Janna

My daughter has been asking for a rainbow and pink Penelope Bloom Bunny for over a year.  Yesterday, I decided it was time to fulfill on my promise and make her one. I checked on my daughter late at night, and noticed that she slept with her new bunny snuggled tight in her arms. That made it all worth while!  

Haakon picked this handmade, small brown Penelope Bloom boutique bunny to be his friend. It is the perfect size for his three-year-old hands. His big sister Asti picked out the medium dark pink bunny. And…big pink bunny with sweethearts has also found a special home. Oh happy day! Handmade by Sweetheart by Janna

Asti’s picked out this pretty in pink, large Penelope Bloom boutique bunny. Handmade by Sweetheart by Janna

Medium light brown Penelope Bloom boutique bunny. Handmade by Sweetheart by Janna

I love this light purple- pink 11 inch bunny.  Soft and feminine, she is perfect for little hands. Medium violet Penelope Bloom bunny adopted by Linda. Handmade by Sweetheart by Janna

Large grey boutique Penelope Bloom bunny adopted by Diane. Handmade by Sweetheart by Janna

Would you like to win this beautiful “Sweetheart by Janna” boutique 18″ gray bunny? Visit Penelope Bloom Bunny Giveaway | Penelope Bloom for details. The contest is available from 10/23/2013 to 10/27/2013 (Sunday 10:00 PM) Handmade by Sweetheart by Janna

Meet Big Pink Boutique Bunny At the insistence of my children, I redesigned my existing bunny pattern to create the “BIG” bunny and I am thrilled with the result!  This beautiful 18 inch, bright pink bunny,  is made with ultra soft minky (the  fabric used to create upscale baby blankets). Her limbs and the inside of her ears feature three coordinating floral cotton fabrics. Her hand embroidered face includes tri-colored brown eyes and a cute green nose.  Taking only a measly… Read More

Poor pink boutique bunny. With your ouchies and boo boos galore. Hopefully some hugs and kisses will heal your accidental scars, and detract from your rather distorted head. But you’re beautiful just the way you are. Medium, light pink, Penelope Bloom boutique bunny. Handmade by Sweetheart by Janna

 Adopted by Chloe. Molly the dolly has been sitting too long on my daughters’ dresser, unfinished and forgotten in the midst of the craziness of life. Her blonde tresses and blue eyes beckon, begging to join in the fantastical play of house and make belief that my daughter loves so much. A fuschia bum-ruffle adds a splash of happy color.  Remodeled arms allow for a more natural look. A lovely pair of knee-high shearling boots are in the works…her redesigned feet allow for a… Read More

Meet Yellow Bunny Adopted by Chloe My three-year-old daughter has been begging me, for the past several months, to make her a yellow bunny.  The request came at unexpected times over the course of any given day, which meant she’d obviously given it some thought And how could I resist the pleas of this beautiful little girl. I’d make her the moon if she asked…a stuffed plushie of course. She needed a friend… Read More

Meet Blue and Purple Bunny Adopted by Chloe Bunnies are stinkin cute! After working many hours to perfect a bunny design, I’ve come up with these two cuties. The blue bunny is 12 inches, the purple 6 inches. Perfect for little hands. Medium blue and small purple “Penelope Bloom” boutique bunny. Handmade by Sweetheart by Janna

Meet Bailey Adopted by Aynalem This boutique doll was designed specifically for a very sweet girl named Aynalem.  She features beautiful coordinating fabrics, hand embroidered facial features,  and lace trim around the neck and undergarments. Standing 18 inches tall, she boasts brown Mary Jane’s and fun purple-striped stockings. And of course… a pretty light pink bum ruffle.  These dolls just wouldn’t be the same without it.  🙂 Handmade by Sweetheart by Janna

Meet Brooke. This pretty bunny is affectionately referred to as “purple bunny” in our home.   After hours of adapting my original bunny design and sewing together Purple Bunny #1 (disaster – officially referred to as ugly bunny) I went back to my initial design and made some smaller adjustments.   Purple Bunny #2 was born.  I will continue to play with her pattern a little before deeming it complete.  More pictures will follow I’m sure. At 6.5… Read More

Meet Sophia! She’s been adopted by Zoe. This darling red-head is glamorous.  Her vibrant crimson hair accentuates her cornflower blue eyes.  Lace embellishments and a cute bum ruffle add to her character.  Love! Janna Vanderveen © 2012 Janna Vanderveen © 2012

Meet Olivia. She’s been adopted by Bella.

I designed this mini version of my sweetheart newsboy hat for my daughter’s Bitty Baby.  Bright pink with a wild butterfly and flower cotton lining – it is darling!!!  Making it was… well not so much fun. LOL. I rather naively thought this hat would be easy to make – since it had less fabric.  But I didn’t take into account the tiny bias binding, small pieces, and extra small seam allowances.  To make things worse, I forgot to add in the seam allowances on my bands which… Read More