Adopted by Chloe. Molly the dolly has been sitting too long on my daughters’ dresser, unfinished and forgotten in the midst of the craziness of life. Her blonde tresses and blue eyes beckon, begging to join in the fantastical play of house and make belief that my daughter loves so much. A fuschia bum-ruffle adds a splash of happy color.  Remodeled arms allow for a more natural look. A lovely pair of knee-high shearling boots are in the works…her redesigned feet allow for a… Read More

My daughter has spent the last several months begging me to make Lily (our Maltese puppy) a princess dress. We’ve perused countless Etsy websites, sewing blogs, and pattern sites together, looking for just the right outfit.   When we stumbled across Julie Ahn’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/julie.ahn.129  we were both captivated by her designs.  Julie is an incredibly talented Korean artisan who designs the loveliest dresses for small show dogs.  My daughter was delighted and immediately suggested that I make Lily an outfit just like hers.  The… Read More

My Lily loves to chew, especially dog beds with zippers and foam. I decided she needed a more durable, chew-proof bed.  🙂 Erin Erickson has a free fleece dog bed tutorial on her web site (Dog under my Desk).  www.erinerickson.com Instead of fleece, I used a soft, red-rose petal minky. I think she loves it!

Hello my wonderful blogger friends.:-)  I have been working for weeks on an Amy Butler Messenger Bag with matching Sweetheart Hat.  I finished the hat earlier this week and finally finished the bag today.  YAY! Thank-goodness it’s done!!!” Wow! What a lot of work that  project was.  I am VERY glad to be done and a little leery to ever work on another one again.  This particular bag took me at least 40 hours to put together. … Read More