Amy Butler: Messenger Bag

Hello my wonderful blogger friends.:-)  I have been working for weeks on an Amy Butler Messenger Bag with matching Sweetheart Hat.  I finished the hat earlier this week and finally finished the bag today.  YAY!

Thank-goodness it’s done!!!” Wow! What a lot of work that  project was.  I am VERY glad to be done and a little leery to ever work on another one again.  This particular bag took me at least 40 hours to put together.  That was in part because it took me a while to interpret the pattern.
I know that future bags will go a lot quicker.  However, I think this bag needs a few revisions.  First… with the many layers of interfacing and canvas used to create this bag, it weighs about five pounds completed – and that’s not filled.  Should I fill this bag and carry it around all day, I could see getting a cramped shoulder and sore neck.
Hmmm…. I wonder if there is a way to use stiffer interfacing without adding more bulk and weight. Maybe a way to put a little of the inside contrasting fabric on the outside of the bag for fun.
The inside pocket is also very cute. This bag has a hanging pocket which has slots for pens, a few larger items, and a zippered compartment for objects like Nook’s or other e-readers.  The outside of the bag has two compartments for water bottles or other easily accessible items.  However, as a busy Mom, a few bigger pockets and zippered pockets attached to the inside lining would be much more useful.  My mind is already whirling as to how I can figure that one out.  🙂
 I love this matching Sweetheart Hat.  Raspberry twill fabric coordinated with a delicious Amy Butler print.  Yum! I’ve decided to keep both the bag and the hat for myself.  They match.  How cool is that!
Well, I’ve a few fun new thoughts for accessorizing my sweetheart hats.  I will be musing about that and ways to create a brand new from scratch sweetheart bag over the next couple of days.  In the  meantime, all my love.  Janna.

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