Sweetheart Flower Clips

I love beautiful things.  Flourishing flowers display their vibrant blooms and tantalize us with their heady scents. They exemplify all things beautiful with their simple yet highly intricate designs.  Elegant and alluring,  flowers beg to be picked, displayed, and given freely as an expression of love.

With this in mind, my search to create the perfect flower clip began.  The perfect clip would need to be able to nestle behind an ear, embrace the smallest of newborn heads, and grace the wise with elegance and poise.   To do that, these clips would need to secure the finest and fuzziest of baby hair, clip into the cascading thick waves of youth, and enfold the contemporary locks of high fashion.  These thoughts led to the birth of the Sweetheart Clip, which attaches to anything and everything.  They even clip to the very few hairs that grow on my arms.

My daughter and I refer to these sweetheart clips as “her pretties.”  At the age of two, my daughter finds herself somewhat lacking in the hair department.  But we make up for that with these fun accessories.

When I created my Etsy page, I discovered an amazing designer named  Chance from Ladeda Invites  (Designs).  She’d designed a beautiful one-of-a-kind banner set which displayed scattered ruby red rose petals.  I was enchanted! She further designed these wonderful product tags. YAY!  If any of you, my wonderful blog readers, need a talented designer for your product – she is amazing! http://www.etsy.com/shop/ladedainvites  I am so grateful for her talent and vision.  You’re the best Chance!   Thank-you.

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