Bitty Baby Sweetheart (Newsboy) Hat

I designed this mini version of my sweetheart newsboy hat for my daughter’s Bitty Baby.  Bright pink with a wild butterfly and flower cotton lining – it is darling!!!  Making it was… well not so much fun. LOL.

I rather naively thought this hat would be easy to make – since it had less fabric.  But I didn’t take into account the tiny bias binding, small pieces, and extra small seam allowances.  To make things worse, I forgot to add in the seam allowances on my bands which made the hat a little to short.   This hat should partially cover the ears.

But… I’ve taken good notes for next time and that’s how creating things goes…  And it turned out OK. My daughter thinks its cool and that’s really all that matters. 🙂 This hat fits snugly – measuring 12 1/2 inches. I think little hands would have a hard time pulling it on and off and think next time I’ll create a size 13 instead. I think making a small Bitty Baby hat and matching toddler hat would be a delightful present for any child’s birthday or Christmas celebration.

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