I tried something a little different over the last two weeks – tried to do a messy type of watercolor painting, with more intuitive painting and expressive strokes. It was hard to step back and let loose. I almost threw the painting away, a place I find myself frequently, but I embraced the mess, entered the chaos, and found beauty within. It helped to spur the thoughts of the poem below…. When… Read More

Hope dwells in this gardenWhere all are welcomeAnd none are denied.Its inhabitants baskIn the wonder of every fulfilled hopeAs they remember from where they came. Their jubilant songs of gratitudeInfuse the airLike the sweetest incense,As they revel in the truthThat all are restoredJust as was promised. For having stormed the gates of hell,Their healer took back the keysAnd saved all,Proving with finalityThat not even the grave nor hellCould separate them from his… Read More

She is brave and speaks her truth for she matters and her worth is beyond measure. ~ Janna Vanderveen I have been participating in, studying, and utilizing Internal Family Systems Psychotherapy (Parts Theory) in my life, both personally and as a therapist in my job. While I painted, I contemplated this process of healing which involves identifying, understanding, and interacting with the different parts of ourselves (wounded/exile, protective, firefighter, and core-self parts)… Read More

 I cannot begin to tell you how much fun it is to paint freely and forget all the rules.  This abstract painting was a study of Juliette Crane’s, “Wild and Free” course. It makes me think of winter, traveling, and the colors of Christmas. 

No matter how deep you fall, or to what depths you dive, I am there. I descended to the depths to be with you, but I didn’t stay there. On the third day, I rose and took you with me.

My tulips are red In this vase of blue With petals so sweet They blossom for you. ~ Janna Vanderveen (Click on thumbnail for full-resolution image)

My mission is to discern, awaken, and inspire truth in myself and others.  “May my tongue be the pen of a skillful writer, my pen be the tongue of a masterful orator, and my words be apples of gold in settings of silver.” ~ Janna Vanderveen