I love the bright colors in this little hat. It’s just perfect for a three-year old sweetie. With butterflies, flowers, and a soft fleece band. This hat will keep ears warm for hours.

For sweet little Norah! This teal newsboy hat’s just for you! It features a cute butterfly with a very special message. Pure laughter, pure happiness, pure joy, pure and simple…pure love. All that you are.

Chloe grew out of the newsboy hat I made her two years ago, so I made her a new one. We went for raspberry pink since it matched her bitty baby’s hat. She picked a large flower for the side and we added a vintage button. The other side. Soft white cotton jersey offers a soft band around her little head.  The inside fabric coordinates with the outside flower.  Hearts and Love. She loves… Read More

Valentines Day deserves a special hat of its own. 🙂   Shades of charcoal intertwined with scarlet make the colors in this newsboy wool hat pop. Featuring a vintage leather button and grey fleece lining, this hat is delightful! Janna Vanderveen © 2011

Earth tones… the vibrancy of molten lava and the richness of moist earth are represented in this newest Sweetheart Newsboy Hat.  Featuring a soft camel colored fleece lining and a vintage button this hat is sure to please.  This hat has can be worn straight or tilted to one side for a “mod” look. Sweetheart by Janna © 2011

This Christmas I made a special hat and scarflette for my favorite (and only) sister.   🙂  She looks lovely and it was so wonderful to see her.  Merry Christmas Tricia!

YAY!!!  I finally found some time to sew another Sweetheart Hat.  I haven’t sewn any hats in the last two months, as I’ve found myself lacking in time to do anything but home school and take care of my family. (Although, admittedly, I did sew my daughter a few dresses). LOL.  However, the idea for this cute Sapphire Sunset colored hat has been brewing in the back of my mind for the duration of my hat sewing sabbatical.  The outside of… Read More

Sweetheart by Janna © 2011 All my projects are a work in progress.  As such, I am constantly tweaking, updating, and trying to find a new idea.  Of course, no idea is new, especially when it comes to newsboy hats which have been around for ages!  But I am excited about this particular sweetheart newsboy variation. After much research on hat couture for the 2011 season, I’ve discovered that bows are in style. … Read More

I designed this mini version of my sweetheart newsboy hat for my daughter’s Bitty Baby.  Bright pink with a wild butterfly and flower cotton lining – it is darling!!!  Making it was… well not so much fun. LOL. I rather naively thought this hat would be easy to make – since it had less fabric.  But I didn’t take into account the tiny bias binding, small pieces, and extra small seam allowances.  To make things worse, I forgot to add in the seam allowances on my bands which… Read More

This year my family and I went to Tahquamenon State Park for a summer camping vacation.  Because we were close to Sault Ste. Marie, we went for a day trip to ride the Soo Locks and drive over the bridge to Canada. Since we were in Canada, we had to stop at a fabric store.  🙂  I picked up some lovely Canadian fabrics. This gorgeous royal blue twill coordinated perfectly with a matching cotton maple leaf fabric to make this newsboy… Read More

This Father’s Day, we not only celebrated the fathers in our extended family but also my sister-in-law Carol’s birthday.  Since gifts were abounding, I thought it would be fun to give her two children (my two nieces) their sweetheart hats. Nicole, my almost six year old niece seemed to like her hat and wore it right away. She looked so stinkin cute! 🙂 Nicole is a true sweetheart She is beautiful, fun-loving,… Read More

Every girl LOVES shoes.  Right? 🙂  Nicole’s Flip-Flop Sweetheart (Newsboy) hat features a pair of charming summer flip-flops. White twill fabric paired with teal blue bias binding makes for a fun splash of color. Vintage buttons are Nicole’s Great-Grandma’s which makes this hat extra special! Worn with a favorite pair of jean or a lazy pair of sweats this hat is sure to be a blast. And of course, hidden inside is… Read More

I love these little newsboy hats for children.  They are so whimsical! This flower hat was designed for my almost two-year old niece, Kate.  Made out of white twill fabric this hat features a large appliqued flower that features loads of pink, white, green and purple.  It is destined to snuggle a cute little noggin. In the center of the appliqued flower is a large see through vintage button from Kate’s great-grandma.  Adding little Extra’s are… Read More

After half a week of packing for camping, five days of camping, and then another half week of unpacking, I  finally found some time to do a little sewing.  Yeah!!!  And of course, I made a few newsboy hats for my Etsy page. 🙂 I decided to use some of the very best red crimson twill fabric for the body of my hats.  Made of all new fabrics, these hats are delicious!   Vibrant and bold colors in… Read More

Appliqued hats are adorable and so cute on little girls!!!  Featuring a multi-colored butterfly, this hat shouts FUN.   Made of all new materials, this hat is made up of white cotton twill, 100% cotton lining, and a soft cotton jersey band.  Deep plum bias binding completes the look for a finished touch. For little heads measuring 18 to 18 1/2 inches this hat is sure to become a favorite.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been working on a newsboy hat for a sweet little one-year old named Bella.  Her mother’s favorite color is teal which makes this hat extra special. Sporting pink, lime green, red, and teal, the large flower splashes color against its white background.  Bella’s hat is made of all new materials, except for a vintage teal button.  Featuring white twill, pink cotton jersey, and a 100 percent cotton lining it is sure to brighten any day.  Love… Read More

Tulip Time is a festival in Holland Michigan where the Dutch culture is celebrated in all its glory.  Parents and children turn up in droves, wearing traditional Dutch costumes, wooden shoes, and a merry attitude.  Parades abound, street vendors sell sinfully delicious food, and tulips bloom everywhere. The city is gorgeous, full of sweet-smelling scents and an overall sense of comradery. We cheered on the parades, waved at family marching by, and appreciated the beautiful music. Since we… Read More