Sapphire Sunset Sweetheart (Newsboy) Hat

YAY!!!  I finally found some time to sew another Sweetheart Hat.  I haven’t sewn any hats in the last two months, as I’ve found myself lacking in time to do anything but home school and take care of my family. (Although, admittedly, I did sew my daughter a few dresses). LOL.  However, the idea for this cute Sapphire Sunset colored hat has been brewing in the back of my mind for the duration of my hat sewing sabbatical.  The outside of this hat is made of 100% wool fabric.  The inside boasts a soft sapphire blue fleece band and coordinating cotton fabric.

Sweetheart by Janna © 2011

This particular hat was inspired from my Sweetheart Scarflettes   My scarflettes feature wool exteriors with coordinating fleece interiors.  The edge of each scarflette displays two coordinating tabs (exactly like the tabs on the above hat) with matching eye-catching buttons.  Since I am in the process of sewing the scarflette that coordinates with this hat, I will add a picture in a future blog.

Sweetheart by Janna © 2011

Having a matching Sweetheart Hat and Scarflette is a fun way to spice up any fall/winter wardrobe..  Now… to make a matching handbag or messenger bag with tabs!  How fun would that be.  My mind is a whirl with ideas.  🙂

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