Sapphire Sunset Sweetheart Scarflette

Sapphire Sunset Sweetheart Scarflette… try to say that ten times fast. LOL. Today I completed the matching scarflette to my Sweetheart Hat and I LOVE how it turned out.  I initially debated putting the orange tabs on the same side as the hat’s tab but decided I liked it better on the opposite side. It accentuates the beautiful burnt orange color in the hat and provides balance.  Both this hat and scarflette will eventually be posted to my Etsy page, once I measure them to ensure accurate sizing information. For the sake of this photograph, I pinned the scarf in the back to keep it from falling off my model’s non-existent shoulders. 🙂

Sweetheart by Janna © 2011

On an unrelated note, I made some recent design changes to my hats and scarflettes.  I made the decision to place my branding on the inside of the hat and interior of the scarf.  I feel that the hats have a cleaner and more streamlined look without it – a look that I personally appreciate.  Adding plaid patterns to the mix also creates its own sense of busy-ness.  Sometimes simpler is better.  And personally, I think the plaid deserves to stand alone.  🙂

Sweetheart by Janna © 2011

I also adjusted the widths of my scarflettes.  Since these scarflettes contain a very mild interfacing,  I figured they need not be as wide.  Their measurement now make for a more comfortable wear.

Handmade by Sweetheart by Janna

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