Tulip Time Sweetheart (Newsboy) Hat

Tulip Time is a festival in Holland Michigan where the Dutch culture is celebrated in all its glory.  Parents and children turn up in droves, wearing traditional Dutch costumes, wooden shoes, and a merry attitude.  Parades abound, street vendors sell sinfully delicious food, and tulips bloom everywhere. The city is gorgeous, full of sweet-smelling scents and an overall sense of comradery.
We cheered on the parades, waved at family marching by, and appreciated the beautiful music.
Since we do not own the traditional Dutch costumes, I decided to make my beautiful daughter a Tulip Time hat.
I rushed like crazy and completed it five minutes before we left.  She wore it most of the time, which was good since it protected her from the hot sun.  And of course, she looked oh so cute!
Perhaps, if I have some time in the next couple of weeks, I’ll make a few for my etsy store.  They are so fun!

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