Watercolor and Gouache Painting | Heaven

You welcome all,
In this garden with no walls,
Where flowers bloom
At your gentlest touch
And life thrives
At the faintest whisper of your song.
You awaken peace
In the most fractured hearts,
Promising belonging and acceptance
With arms spread wide.
You knit together broken souls
Using words that restore.
Your breath is a soft exhale,
Water that heals,
Quenching the most unbearable thirst.
Your fire refines,
A final, most powerful gift,
Illuminating loveliness in the darkest of places,
Transforming beauty from ashes
And spun gold from coal.
Your heartbeat,
A never-ending lullaby of love.

~ Janna Vanderveen

There is a reason that I cannot stop painting this verdant garden where love itself resides and all belong. It is my heart’s song; a vision of heaven where pain and sorrow are no more, where suffering does not exist, and where all are restored. It is a vision of love itself. 

May you dance with the Spirit who is love, wind and fire. May you harmonize with the Creator’s song as you awaken fully to the resonant frequency of his love. May you forever drink from the deep well of living water that is the Savior and be restored and made fully whole.

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