Watercolor Painting | Girl Holding Lantern at Night

I completed a second watercolor painting for a friend, in my series, “Be Thou My Vision.” I envisioned a girl holding a lantern, which cast light to dispel the shadows.

Be thou my vision,
Thy presence my light.
Guide me through sunshine,
And the darkest of night.


Visions Unseen

Watercolor Painting | Visions Unseen
 Be though my vision
When I cannot see.
Whether waking or sleeping
Reveal yourself to me.
Visions Unseen
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Blossoms of Crimson

Watercolor Painting | Tulips in Recycled Glass Vase

Like the tulip which lifts its head in silence,

Revealing blossoms the color of crimson,

Your beauty also shines forth,

Revealing your value and worth.

Tulips in Recycled Glass Vase3

Peace amidst Chaos

Watercolor Painting | Peace amidst Chaos

I took some time to paint this weekend, amidst the stress that broken bones and too much time spent in an emergency room creates.  After things settled, I contemplated the beauty of the setting sun, the majesty of towering mountains, and my thankfulness for the life we have. This painting is a reflection of that moment.

Studious Girl Watercolor


Pink Fairy

Watercolor Painting | Pink Fairy

Scribbles and scratches. I’ve reopened my children’s books and am editing like crazy…always editing it seems. For me, taking a short break from writing often means doing something else creative, like watercolor painting. The activity seems to feed the ideas that swirl though my mind. This girl is scribbled and scratched, almost as an afterthought, but within her there is light, love, and a little magic. Stories, stories, stories….

Pink Ballerina3(Click on thumbnail for full-resolution image)

Mixed Media | An Ode to Nice, France

Sorrow fills the silence
When love’s sweet iris falls.
Come gather scattered blossoms,
And cradle petals strong.
Let’s raise our valiant banners,
And paint our tower’s tall.
For Marianne, oh sweet Marianne,
We’ll remember freedom song.

An Ode To Nice France3(Click on thumbnail for full-resolution image)

Watercolor Painting | Blue-haired whimsical Girl

I quickly watercolor painted this whimsical girl on a bus ride home from my son’s Mackinaw Island class trip. It was a challenging experiment, considering the frequent sway and bump of the road. I loaded my seat with my carry on luggage, made a makeshift table, balanced my watercolor paints, and sketched fast. Using an Elegant Writer and a little water, I shaded her face, then colored in her features with an inexpensive travel set of Koi watercolor paints.

It was the first time I ever painted in a moving vehicle. She turned out fine, all things considered. BusRideGirl3(Click on thumbnail for full-resolution image)

Lily Belle

Maltese | Lily Belle

Lily Belle casts a ray of sunshine in our family. She soothes tears, inspires laughter, and spreads a whole lot of love with her unwavering loyalty and wet doggy kisses.  She boldly sports hot-pink tipped ears as well as a matching fuzzy matching hair bow.

Just looking at her makes me smile.

May she brighten your day as well.

Lily Belle Maltese(Click on thumbnail for full-resolution image)


Stained Glass Tree

Watercolor Painting | Loretta Grayson Inspired Stained Glass Tree

My son Gabriel came home from middle school last week with an art assignment; to paint a Loretta Grayson style color theory tree. The project seemed a little daunting, so I offered to do one alongside him. Together we looked up Loretta Grayson’s web page and discovered that she had an on-line tutorial explaining how to complete this project.

We’d been told to use water medium paints for our own project, versus the Caran D’ache oil pastels used by Loretta, and soon discovered that it was much harder to create clean crisp squares with watercolor paints. However, we decided to embrace the difference, believing that our fluid lines would make our work unique. Intrigued by Loretta’s use of Zentangles my son asked if he could also incorporate them into our trees. I thought that was a great idea. After four hours of painting, my son’s project was  complete.


He did an amazing job! I am so proud of him. I love his use of vibrant colors and fun Zentangle patterns!

My own project took a little longer to complete since I painted it on a considerably larger piece of 140 lb. watercolor paper.  It reminds me of the stained glass windows which decorated my childhood church, and that makes me feel a little nostalgic.

All in all, it was a fun day.  I enjoyed the art lesson, but most of all, I loved spending time with my son.

My version of Loretta Grayson3(Click on thumbnail for full-resolution image)


Peace Lingers

Fine Art Photography | Peace Lingers

Peace lingers in the valley

Which was once filled with fear.

Your oasis of beauty

Holds my heart dear.

Janna Farmland2

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Watercolor | You are not Alone

Truth is the sorrow

which lingers in my tears.

Love is the compassion

Which erases all your fears.

You are not alone.

You are not forgotten.

Manga Boy

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So Thoughtful

Mixed Media Card | So Thoughtful

It’s spring break, the kids are home from school, and writing is NOT happening. I should be throwing myself into book 2, but have decided to instead show myself grace by giving myself permission to do a few other creative things, like catching up on thank you notes. I followed a Danielle Donaldson tutorial to create this card, which combined my creative hobby loves – watercolor painting, sewing, and mixed media layering. It was fun! And through it all, I reflected on the blessings I’ve recently encountered in my life.

There is truly nothing more uplifting than thankful reflections.

Danielle Donaldson Card5resized

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My muse: Danielle Donaldson’s All Creatures Lovely and Small

Galaxy Girl

Watercolor Painting | Galaxy Girl

She holds galaxies in her gaze and dreams life into existence.

My muse…Qinni.

Watercolor Galaxy Girl(Click on thumbnail for full-resolution image)

If you click on the word Qinni (or the one above) and follow the link, you will be taken to the artist’s YouTube page where you can watch a speed drawing of how the original artist drew this painting. This painting on my page, is my study of her painting, based on her speed drawing as a tutorial.

Love with Abandon

Watercolor Painting | Love with Abandon

Let truth reside in your heart, wisdom on your lips, and compassion in your arms.

May you love with abandon.

Arms Wide Open(Click on thumbnail for full-resolution image)



Falling in Love

Mixed Media Painting | Girl Falling in Love

She fell in love and marveled

At the beauty of it all.


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A Jane Davenport exercise in Wonderland.

Watercolor Painting | Dreaming of Nebulas

With the final edits of “The Shrouded Planet” finally around the bend, I’ve begun to dream of nebulas and the worlds of wonder that they contain. Lumen is calling, and the story of Daeryn burns through my veins. I’ve never been more excited to start writing a second book. Here’s to hoping that the last six chapters of my first novel fly by with ease.

Nebula3ResizedWhitenedColorBurst(Click on thumbnail for full-resolution image)

My muse…Tillith.


Watercolor Painting | Barn on a Hill

Welcome to my wonderland, where even the barns whisper of stories untold.

Watercolor Picture Barn4(Click on thumbnail for full-resolution image)

A Peter Woolley exercise in watercolor painting.

As the Sun Sets

Fine Art Photography | Pool House in Sunset

When my love slumbers
Burns out brighter than umber
It births starlight for you.

Pool5(Click on thumbnail for full-resolution image)

3 Minute Sketch

Mixed Media | 3 Minute Sketch

Imaginative friends are a wonderful treat! Today I indulged my creative side by spending time with my great friend, Debi. We discussed book writing, story development, and practiced drawing people. What a blast!

This particular sketch took me less than 3 minutes to craft. I love its loose lines and whimsy.

Supplies Used: Sketch Paper, Elegant Writer, Derwent Inktense Pencils, Overlays

3Minute Sketch6

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Ocean Nymph

Mixed Media Portrait | Ocean Nymph

Rooted in the tree of life,

she flourished.

Ocean Nymph(Click on thumbnail for full resolution image)

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