Acrylic Finger Painting | Girl in Forest

I had a vision of a girl standing between the trees with her bunny, staring out at the world. She was neither happy nor sad. Accepting, I think. Maybe somewhat lost and alone. But ultimately, I knew that she belonged in this forest of light, where peace, love, and beauty abound.

Girl in Forest, Janna Vanderveen 2017

Magical Forest

Acrylic Painting | Magical Forest

I recently stumbled across Canadian painter, Melissa Mckinnon’s artwork.  I have long-loved incorporating finger-painting into my artwork, as evidenced by my previous paintings, and felt inspired to try and paint my own birch/aspen tree.  I completed this painting on an 8 x 10″ piece of 140 lb. watercolor paper and used a variety of acrylic paints as well as modeling paste for texture.

Fingerprint Birch Trees1b

Flower Girl

Mixed Media Painting | Tamara Laporte Style "Flower and Ink Girl"

One of my favorite on-line art teachers is Tamara Laporte from in South England. An accomplished artist and soon to be author, she has mastered the craft of creating whimsical characters on paper. She recently completed a series of paintings using only a few Tombow markers and some Caran d’ache neocolor crayons. I was intrigued by the simplicity of her supplies and the complexity of her pieces, and thought that I’d try to emulate her work. I had to improvise on my supplies, since I do not own Tombow markers (they are on my bucket list of art supplies to someday own), and used a variety of watercolor paints, inks, and pencils instead. Overall, I think my whimsical girl turned out pretty nice.

Watercolor Girl | Patriot's Heart

This is the second, in a series of three watercolor thank-you cards, featuring my whimsical princess with her bunny.  I love painting sunsets and valleys reflecting the beauty of life all around.  I used a combination of artist grade MaimeriBlu and professional grade Winsor Newton watercolor paints on this 5×7 card.

Patriot’s Heart

Watercolor Girl | Patriot's Heart

This is the first, in a series of three watercolor thank-you cards, featuring my whimsical princess with her bunny.  I love how it turned out. I used a combination of artist grade MaimeriBlu and professional grade Winsor Newton watercolor paints on this 5×7 cards.

Watercolor Painting | Diving Deep

Watercolor Painting | Diving Deep

No matter how deep you fall, or to what depths you dive, I am there. I descended to the depths to be with you, but I didn’t stay there. On the third day, I rose and took you with me.

Watercolor Painting | The Princess and the Pea

I completed this 9″ x 13″ watercolor illustration on 140 lb. watercolor paper using Winsor Newton and Maimeri Blu watercolor paints.


Waning Sun

Watercolor Painting | Waning Sun

Even when the sun wanes,
You are not alone,
For in darkness,
My love shines brightest for you.


Digital Art | Freedom

This morning I wish you freedom and life. May your day reveal the sweet surprise of unfettered kindness as you walk in love with all you meet.

Digital Art Painting


Watercolor Painting | Nomad

She wanders alone,

Exploring a world not her own,

Seeking someone to love,

And a place to call home.


Moon Queen

Digital Art Painting | Moon Princess

Would you awaken the moon

For a glimpse of the queen?

Would you open your eyes

And risk being seen?

For she laces the frost

With her silver-hearted breath,

Creating beauty in madness,

She whispers life into death.


Born of Dreams

Digital Art | Born of Dreams

She materialized to life
From the shadowland’s hold.
Filled with color and light
And visions untold.


Digital Art Painting | Born of Dreams

Mixed Media: Warrior Girl

Mixed Media Painting | Warrior Girl

She ruled, not with an iron fist,

But with an iron-clad mind,

For her identity found footing in love,

And her compassion could not be shaken.native-girl-with-spear6

Pixels and Pixies

Mixed Media Painting | Pixels and Pixies

Where science and fantasy meet,

Imagination abounds.

From the pixels,

Pixies emerge,

And beauty astounds.


Fantasy Creatures

Mixed Media | Fantasy Creatures

Sometimes  I splash inks, watercolors, and acrylics onto paper just to see what happens. Within the chaos an image usually forms, and in this case, I found fan adorable little fantasy creature. What is she? A who’s it, or what’s that, or whatchamacallit? You tell me. Regardless, I fell in love with her flower filled hair and tail puff, her tiny fairy wings, and her big eyes.


Finger-painted Beauty

Mixed Media Painting | Finger-painted Beauty

Vivid, colorful, and full of light, this young woman surfaced on my page as I coaxed her to life with my fingers and brushes.  I painted her on a 4″ by 6″ piece of watercolor paper (140 lb.) using acrylics, oils pastels, and inks.

Janna Vanderveen Finger painted Lady


Mixed Media Painting | Girl in Moonlight

I completed this 12 1/2″ by 19 1/2″ painting of “A girl in moonlight” using watercolor paints for her face, a variety of inks and watercolor crayons for her hair, modeling paste over ephemera to create textured clothing, and oil crayons over a layered background to create a dreamy sky. I love how she turned out.



Acrylic Painting | Groovy Volkswagen Campervan

This 20″ by 20″ acrylic painting on canvas of a Volkswagen Campervan was a blast to paint. I loved working with several bright acrylics and a random assortment of ephemera. It made for a fun, colorful, and GROOVY, painting which is perfect for any room.


My Little Pony

Maltese | Lily Belle as My Little Pony

I giggle. Seriously. This poochini brings me tremendous joy and laughter. When my daughter and I picked her up from the groomers yesterday and discovered her ombre ears/tail and green painted toenails, you can only imagine our wide smiles and peels of laughter.

“My little pony!” said my daughter with obvious admiration.

“Yup, we have a live one!” I responded.


I can hardly take the cuteness of my Lily Belle.



Mixed Media Painting | Refiner's Fire

Recently, I lay awake in bed, convicted of a thought which would not release me to sleep. In the darkness of my bedroom, I slipped on a pair of headphones and began to listen to the song, Join with the Angels, by Planet Shakers. As the music played, I embraced the thought, and it embraced me. These words etched into my heart and inspired the painting, which I’ve titled, Refiner’s Fire. Maybe it will provide comfort to someone else today.

I AM an all-consuming fire. You are gold. Just as gold is made pure in fire, so are you. In my refining-presence you are restored. You believe my fire is punishment and you fear me. But do not be afraid, for my fire is love, and my flames heal. And I’ve promised to make all things new.  That includes you. All knees will bow, not in fearful submission, but in wonder at my goodness.  For just as nothing of value is ever thrown away, you will not be discarded, for your value is greater than rubies. Oh that you would see this and know it to be true. You see yourself as coal, but I see you as the treasure you are. For just as refined gold reflects light, so you reflect me.

Butterfly Painting Acrylics

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