Mixed Media Painting | Rose Garden

As I was placing the final details on this painting, I had tears leaking down my cheeks. I’d been listening to a song on repeat for several hours and its words touched my heart, awakening a new vision of love in a powerful way.

“No lie, no fear, no tragedy, could keep you from loving me. From the mountain, to the earth below, your mercy won’t let me go. How great, how great, is your love for me. You call me free. I am yours, and you are mine.” (You Won For Me by Ken Reynolds, Jared Gregory, and Jasmine Hurtado).

In the garden I dwell,

Amidst the beauty of your creation I dance,

Beneath the lush covering of your grace and mercy I play,

I am yours and you are mine.

You awaken me to love.

~ Janna Vanderveen

This 16″x20″ painting was completed using Golden Acrylic paint, FW acrylic inks, Caran D’ache Neocolor II and Luminance Pencils, Ephemera, and Alcohol Inks

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