She wanders alone, Exploring a world not her own, Seeking someone to love, And a place to call home. ~ Janna Vanderveen

Truth is the sorrow which lingers in my tears. Love is the compassion Which erases all your fears. You are not alone. You are not forgotten. ~ Janna Vanderveen

Storybook characters really do come to life! At least Snow White’s 7 Dwarves did at Walt Disney world. Wait…is that Sneezy plugging his nose? Is it possible that I stink? Considering it was late at night, incredibly hot, and our wait in line to meet these guys was upwards of 75 minutes, I’d say it was possible. Ha! I love how my daughter is holding Dopey’s hand. These memories will last a lifetime!

Blue shutters and bright red geraniums…I can envision this window along the busy streets of Paris or perhaps the narrow streets of old Quebec.  To make this watercolor painting, I followed a watercolor tutorial by John Lovett and used my new birthday present, a paper stretching board by Ken Bromley, to ensure an unbubbled surface. Both the board and the tutorial worked well. I am happy.