Amigurumi Bunny: Lily

Meet lovely Lily. 

This cute little (6.5 inch bunny) was born today at noon and has been the apple of my daughter’s eye ever since.  It took quite a bit of cajoling to convince my two-year old to part with her new-found friend, and as such, I consider myself lucky to have these two photos.  I have non-stop obsessed over the development of this tiny sewing pattern, hoping to be able put to good use the small remnants of fabric that I have stashed from other completed projects.  Lily will need a few tweaks to her pattern, but hopefully it will be finished in the next couple of days.  Perhaps I will develop a set of clothes for her tiny frame.   Sewing is so much FUN!

5 Comments on “Amigurumi Bunny: Lily

  1. I hope I can come up and visit in three weeks :). I’ll be done working on March the 23rd. Oh, and I would like to order a hat too … for Nina. Her head is the same size as mine … my hat fit her. :). I’ll check out your hats and let you know which one I want!


  2. This is SO cute!!! I especially love the downward ears! I want a Lily! Where can I order it?


  3. Lily is SO cute! Go Chloe….don’t let mommy do anything else to her.


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