Penelope Bloom Bunny: Adopted by Alex and Gabe

Meet Medium Red and Small Blue Ninja Bunnies

Made at the request of my sons, these bunnies are not only soft and cuddly, they are super-hero ninja fighting monsters.  Subjected to beatings and masterful escapades, they’ve been known to find themselves in the most unpredictable situations.

Janna Vanderveen © 2012

Until rescued by my three-year old daughter who carries them around everywhere and makes sure they are tucked safely beneath her covers at night.

Janna Vanderveen © 2012

Battered and bruised, small blue bunny has conquered many battles with his burning eyes of fire.

Janna Vanderveen © 2012

Made from the softest minky and coordinating cotton fabrics (thank-you for the fabric Diane!) these bunnies are my way of saying “I love you!!”

Medium red and small blue “Penelope Bloom” boutique bunny.

Handmade by Sweetheart by Janna

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