Roadblocks to Writing #2: Floods

We woke up to a big surprise this morning

I have to confess, I was worried. The flooding was pretty bad and the storm sewers were backed up.

Our neighbor, Shannon, took this picture of the side of our house.


But we like to make lemonade out of lemons…and my family is a little crazy.

This is what we do when school is cancelled and we have water up to our windows.

Kids in playhouse

Kids in playhouse

Have a little fun.

And send up prayers of thanks to God for sparing us from floodwaters in the house.

2 Comments on “Roadblocks to Writing #2: Floods

  1. I was worried. The water was just under our windows. If we had even had another inch, it would have seeped through.


  2. WOW, that is really crazy! I would definitely not be trying to drive through water that deep!!! The trampoline looks fun, but I’d be so worried about the house flooding!


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