A Warrior’s Death

Crazed is the gaze

Of sorrow worn,

When flesh fails to adorn

This metallic face.

So violently erased

Torn, rendered, disgraced.

Ripped apart,

Like my shattered heart.

Oh, but your eyes

Dripping tears, from blue skies

You wail, moan, struggle to breathe

You mustn’t give up, ever, please.

With clarity I see

Your unabashed love for me.

Unfettered, unadorned,

Already mourned.

Beloved, you must run,

Forget the ungodly one,

And this ugly war

Where revenge avenges the score.

Seek the Narrator

The great Re-Creator.

Whose birth birthed re-birth

Whose death redefines your worth,

And arise, out of the fire

From the ashes, Phoenix fly higher,

For I’m fading fast.

My lifeblood won’t last

But I’ll find you again

Beyond the great Eden

Where deep cries out to deep

And immortals never sleep.

Do you hear His sweet call?

Whispering, soft like rainfall,

My name. He’s coming.

Trumpets sound, HE’S COMING!

A chariot, golden fire,

Burning light, a thundering choir.

My mind is ablaze

The old world, a haze

One last exhale

To step beyond the veil.

~ Janna Vanderveen

Photo Credit: www.wakpaper.com

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