Watercolor Cartoon Boy

Now that the kids are back on school, I have plunged back into editing and writing. It is always a challenge to keep life balanced when I immerse myself into my work, so I make an effort to do activities with the kids that I think they will enjoy.

This week, on a whim, I asked my children to each draw a picture that I could watercolor paint . I wanted to do something unique with them and collaborate on a project together.

 Intrigued, my middle child drew a cartoon figure. This didn’t surprise me much, for he is a creative soul who loves to illustrate comic strips, write his own stories, draw cartoons, staple papers together to create books, and develop worlds in games like Minecraft and Growtopia. He gave me insight into my watercolor painting, suggesting that I outline the mouth in black and add colors in different places. It was an enjoyable experience for both of us.

Gabriel Vanderveen Watercolor Cartoon(Click on thumbnail for full-resolution image)

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