English Cottage in Grasmere

There is always light in darkness and beauty in imperfection. The key is perception….

I almost didn’t complete this watercolor painting.


I was tempted to rip it apart midway, but I had a hard time wedging it out of my perfect paper stretcher. So instead, I walked away.

I came back, begrudgingly, thirty minutes later, and decided to give it one more chance.

The dark mood of the painting measured my own.

But I also saw light.

I stopped trying for perfection.

I forced myself to finish it.

And now, I like it. It’s not perfect. But there is beauty in the light which shines out of its dark places.

This watercolor painting is of a cottage in Grasmere, in the English Lake District. It is the second assignment in Peter Woolley’s Watercolor For Beginners DVD: Tone and Composition.


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