Watercolor: Moon Song

She rose from her bed,
Cobwebs in her head,
And studied the light in her room.
Through windows it played
Pale fingers that splayed
Dispelling the darkness and gloom.

Like a fairy it called
And she followed, enthralled
Ensnared by its enticing tune
She peered through her blinds
Astonished to find
Bright stars and the face of two moons.

Two moons glowing pale
As if hung on a scale
Yet tied to the earth like balloons
Both fighting to fly
To escape the sky
Their moment derived opportune

Blinking, she thought
“A dream, this is not.”
And lifted her fingers like knives.
She sliced through the clouds
And all that enshrouds
Entreating them both to survive.

They flew overhead
Up over her bed
And into the darkest of night
Awakening dawn
With its grouchy yawn
Espousing the tale of their plight.

From under a sheet
She pondered her feat
Considering what had occurred
Was it just a dream?
The light and moonbeams?
She knew what she saw, rest assured.

My daughter awoke one morning with a strange story. She claims that she climbed out of bed in the middle of the night,  peered between the blinds on her window, and saw two large moons shining down from the sky. She was convinced this was the truth and no amount of dissuading her would suffice.

This poem is a result of that conversation.

For my daughter, my muse.

  ~ Janna Vanderveen


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