Mixed Media Painting | Refiner’s Fire

Recently, I lay awake in bed, convicted of a thought which would not release me to sleep. In the darkness of my bedroom, I slipped on a pair of headphones and began to listen to the song, Join with the Angels, by Planet Shakers. As the music played, I embraced the thought, and it embraced me. These words etched into my heart and inspired the painting, which I’ve titled, Refiner’s Fire. Maybe it will provide comfort to someone else today.

I AM an all-consuming fire. You are gold. Just as gold is made pure in fire, so are you. In my refining-presence you are restored. You believe my fire is punishment and you fear me. But do not be afraid, for my fire is love, and my flames heal. And I’ve promised to make all things new.  That includes you. All knees will bow, not in fearful submission, but in wonder at my goodness.  For just as nothing of value is ever thrown away, you will not be discarded, for your value is greater than rubies. Oh that you would see this and know it to be true. You see yourself as coal, but I see you as the treasure you are. For just as refined gold reflects light, so you reflect me.

If you would like to learn how to make a similar painting, please visit ivynewport.com.

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