The Neverending Story was one of my favorite movies as a child. In it, a bullied boy named Bastian, flees to his school attic to escapes the worries of his life. He enters a book and through that, the world Fantasia, which is in dire need of a hero and savior. Bastian learns to overcome his fear and triumphs in saving the land. Having experienced some bullying in middle school, I related to this story on many levels. And… Read More

Penelope Bloom is a four-year-old detective ballerina.  She is an adorable, rough and tumble, curious, and strong-willed child who loves to wear tutu’s and princess dress-up clothes while solving mysteries with her friends. She is not a “princess” like you’d imagine the perfect child, but utterly loveable in all her less than perfect ways. Tricia Bos ( illustrator)  and I are working to develop a series of children’s books based on this beloved character. To learn… Read More