Mixed Media Card | So Thoughtful It’s spring break, the kids are home from school, and writing is NOT happening. I should be throwing myself into book 2, but have decided to instead show myself grace by giving myself permission to do a few other creative things, like catching up on thank you notes. I followed a Danielle Donaldson tutorial to create this card, which combined my creative hobby loves – watercolor painting, sewing, and mixed media layering. It was… Read More

Have you ever had one of those days when you were completely and absolutely blessed by someone?   How about “over-the-top” blessed?  Today I had one of those days.  🙂  Thank-you Diane Broekhuis for  blessing me with mounds of beautiful fabric.  WOW!!!  I am completely overwhelmed  by your generosity and your kind heart. YAY!!! Look at all these amazing colors and patterns.  They are lovely, vibrant, and so much fun! Have I mentioned that I am in fabric heaven!  🙂  I… Read More