“What if when we see someone caught in their old patterns, instead of judging them, we judge how much grace and mercy they are going to need in order to find God. What if instead we think “how much of the righteousness of God do they need to receive in order to get free of that sin?” What if instead of damning them and calling down judgment for their sin, we stand before the… Read More

It’s after midnight.  My house is silent except for the gusting wind and the occasional pitter-patter of rain against my bedroom window. My mind whirls with thoughts brought on by a day of unbalance.  At first I feel guilt, a familiar go-to emotion, but then I’m struck by a simple thought. What if my main focus each day became showing love to each person I encountered.  What if each chore that previously irritated ne became an open expression of love.  What… Read More

I love what-ifs. What-if’s drive my creative thinking and fuel my love for writing. They push me past the mundane “box” of my thinking and force me to consider things I wouldn’t, under normal circumstances.  What-if’s stretch my mind, test my faith, enlarge my imagination, and grow my understanding of God. This morning, after my children left for school, a “what-if“ popped into my mind. I’d been thinking about why I’m so drawn to … Read More